Tour – Weber Springs FS Guard Station

Audio Tour:

This cozy cabin was built for the United States Forest Service employees in 1939 and was located approximately 7.5 miles from Encampment, just above Bottle Creek Campground by Evan Williams, a US Forest Ranger from 1931-1951. There were eight types of these cabins on this side of the Sierra Madre Mountains. 

Forest employees lived in these cabins while they took snowfall measurements in the winter and tree measurements in the summer.  Snowfall was measured and weighed using a long silver cylinder.  Once a sample was taken, the cylinder would then be hung on the wall to be weighed.  The weight of the sample gave the forest employee an idea of the moisture content of the snow.  This data was collected all winter long so that once spring came, they had an idea of how much runoff to expect in case there was a potential for flooding.