Tour – Wolfard Schoolhouse

Audio Tour:

The Wolfard Schoolhouse was built around 1895. It was originally located about one mile north of Encampment and was moved to the museum in 1986.  

William Henry Wolfard moved to the Encampment area in 1886 and set up a homestead of about 160 acres. The Wolfard family consisted of ten living children and two who had perished in infancy.  Mr. Wolfard was originally a teacher at the University of Kansas, before moving to the Encampment area. He valued education, and since there were no schools in Encampment at the time, Mr. Wolfard built this one-room schoolhouse on his property to teach his own children.  Neighboring children who were interested in receiving an education were welcomed. Mr. Wolfard made sure all of his children graduated with a high school diploma and most attended college and three even received master’s degrees.